About Fifi's Handmade

Sarah Abousenna; Owner & Designer- Fifi's Handmade

We are proudly Canadian;

Fifi’s Handmade is a Canadian based handmade online shop located in Windsor, Ontario.

What we offer;

We offer a variety of products that are designed and handcrafted by the shop owner using local materials, inspired by boho and vintage designs. Each item produced is unique in its own way and made to order. Whether it's embroidered, quilted, or printed, with a few selected items that can be personalized.

This brand is more than a business;

Fifi’s Handmade is a homage to my dear mother who taught me everything handmade; sewing, quilting, patchwork, and embroidery. Since I was a kid, I was taught that nothing can’t be made at home, that’s why everything that comes out of our shop has its own personality and charm; that you won’t find in mass-produced products!

We love customizations!

Feel free to contact me for any special requests that you may have for an existing product or a product that you would want to create from scratch and I’ll do my best to make this happen for you :)

Fifis handmade is an inclusive shop ❤️💚💜🧡💛

Thanks for visiting Fifi's Handmade!