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Ancient Egyptian Cat Tote Bag | Tote Bag | 100% Canvas Cotton | Egypt | Black Cat

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  • Handmade
  • Dispatches from a small business in Canada
  • Materials: cotton canvas, HTV, Heat transfer vinyl


Beautiful tote bag ancient Egyptian design
Bag Size: W 14in / 35cm - H 17in / 43cm
Material: 100% Canvas Cotton | Embroidery

Cats in Ancient Egypt:
Cats were essential to ancient Egyptians. They usually represented motherhood, love, care, and protection in Ancient Egyptian civilization. They were considered to be the divine offspring of a god and a human. The ancient Egyptians believed that their gods and rulers had cat-like traits. Cats were thought to be the physical form of the goddess.

Cats were seen as protective and loyal on the one hand yet quarrelsome, independent, and fierce on the other. 

Like us in modern history, ancient Egyptians cherished cats. It is not clear when domesticated cats appeared in Egypt, but archaeologists have found burials of cats and kittens dating to 3800 BC.


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